Welcome to SQAQ Trading. Our Company is established to provide a connection platform for buyers and sellers. Our vision is to Connect the World through Trading and to deliver services and products that are Superior in Quality and Abundant in Quantity.

Saying that is a tall order and a challenge we said yes for. The aim is to develop software that will make this possible and this needs to be done systematically. Although we currently not doing a lot of imports and exports we are moving towards that. Our website will be the back bone of it all and the online trading platform is the medium we moving towards.

We are super excited about business and the world is now more ready for online trading than ever before.

Andre & Amanda Steyn
Andre & Amanda Steyn


Andre and Amanda Steyn have been married for 22 years and have  two children, Demetri and Mario. Both started off as Human Resource Managers and developed themselves in business later on. Andre holds a BTech BA degree and Amanda a BTech HR degree. 

Both are very passionate about SQAQ and U’neeque and Special and is dedicating everything to the Vision.